Your role in your child's musical career includes the following:


• Provide him with the materials he needs and help him get a & stay organized: flute, metronome, music stand, sheet music, assignment book.

• Set up a practice area. It should be well-lit and free from clutter and other distractions, where your child can easily and quickly get started with a practice session.

• Reward her for a practice session or recital well done.

• Get her to her lessons on time.

• Make sure she is clear on her assignments. After each lesson, review what is to be studied in the coming week."Do" the practice session with him on occasion (depends on age of child how often)

• Bring any questions or concerns to the teacher immediately.

• Ensure that he is following good flute care & repair habits at home.

(I will go over this with you as necessary) Repairs can be quite expensive, and the need for them can be easily avoided with proper care.

Lots of Encouragement... is the best gift you can give to your aspiring musician.