Recommended Recordings:

Julius Baker
Any and all recordings, especially, The Virtuoso Flute, Julius Baker in Recital, all volumes, and the complete Handel and Bach Flute Sonatas with harpsichordist Sylvia Marlowe. Click Here for ordering information.

Emmanuel Pahud
Any and all recordings, especially the Mozart Flute Concertos.

Jean Pierre Rampal - Fantasias for Solo Flute, Handel and Bach Flute Sonatas, and any other baroque works. Also try The Suite (Number 1) for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio by Claude Bolling.

Gary Schocker - Flute Forest, Regrets & Resolutions.

Joseph Mariano - The most beautiful recording of the Charles Griffes Poem for Flute and Orchestra.

And for fun, try jazz flutists Herbie Hancock, Robert Dick, or some 60's and 70's Rock-n-Roll with Jethro Tull, or Gaelic music with James Galway.